Electricity Supply Interruptions

Come on Musina Municipality, time to pull another rabbit out of the hat. I have seen on social media that my own municipal account is not the only one which is ludicrous. On two recent accounts, electricity readings from two months have been combined into one month, which makes my usage appear double what it normally is. My monthly average should be in the region of about 650 units. In April, it was shown as 1282 units. In September, 1045 units. All well and good, except that your rate is on a sliding scale. The more you use, the higher the rate, thus; your first 50 units cost R0.9115, the next 350 units cost R1.1756. The next 600 units cost R1.6538 and the next step goes up to R1.9452. So, by combining two readings into 1, you are pushed above the first 400 units costing an average of R1.0433, into the higher cost brackets.

This notice was disseminated on WhatsApp;

So, folks, you are being screwed, because our beloved municipality cannot run their accounts, keep to their agreements and look to financial finagling to get you to pay at nearly double what you should do.

Read your meter yourself, on about the 4th of each month and keep a record of it, in case the reader errs. Check the readings against your statement and if it appears fishy go to the MM offices and take it up with Misheck.