In Memoriam – Johan Kok

From Musina Municipality;

“Former Town Clerk (Municipal Manager) of the then Messina Town Council, Mr. Johan Kok has passed on, over the weekend. He will be remembered for laying a foundation on which the present Municipality operates.

We send sincere condolences to his family and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing and working with him.

May his soul rest in peace! Kind regards, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, Mayor of Musina.”

Another De Beers Venetia Mine Community Outreach Project


On Friday, 26 July, De Beers Venetia Mine handed over the keys to the newly built Community Creche in the small village of Madimbo.

(left to right):
Representative from the Local Municipality, David Ndou, Madimbo Community Creche Principal, Precious Mahada, Site Administrator for Servest, Adri Trollope, and Social Performance Specialist at Venetia Mine, Bonani Nyabane.

The project was undertaken in partnership with Basil Reed, with the core focus of providing adequate infrastructure to support childhood development.

These are some before and after pictures;

The children have now moved from an old, barren, four-roomed house into a big, bright, modern, fully equipped building, which is kitted out with a variety of educational toys including plastic building blocks, flash cards, colouring books and other learning resources. Catering for 126 children between the ages of two to five, the creche is also furnished with small plastic tables and chairs, with enough space needed for both educational and recreational purposes.

Run by principal Precious Mahada, the creche strives on educating preschoolers despite its own difficulties, including having almost no educational and safety elements. Mahada said that she could not believe that the facility is now theirs to operate in. Click on the images below, to enlarge them.

“As you can see, there are no playgrounds for our children in our community. Many parents cannot afford to buy toys for their children, yet toys can play a big role in a child’s development. This new creche will offer them that opportunity all thanks to thanks Venetia mine, and their partnering contractor, Basil Reed. I was in disbelief when a representative from Venetia came here and told us they would help us. But today, I am completely overjoyed and speechless,” she said.

However, the brand new, well-equipped facility is a much safer environment in which to play and learn. The upgrade is all-encompassing, with everything from the kitchen to the ablution facilities and classroom being newly furnished. Staff members who prepare meals will now be able to do so in a more hygienic and secure facility as the kitchen area is furnished with brand new built-in cupboards, a fridge, stove and microwave. Adequate ablution facilities have also been installed, with toddler playground structures such as swings, slides and climbers set up outside.

Bonani Nyabane, Social Performance Specialist at Venetia Mine, said “as De Beers, we are excited to handover such a beautiful facility to the most important members of our society – our children. We believe that children are the future and as parents we need to lay a good educational foundation for them, and what better way to do that than provide them with this facility. We are committed to the development of our children and will continue to work hand in hand with our stakeholders to ensure that there is an improvement in the level of education in communities in which we operate,”

For Mahada, what started as a small request for a few blankets and toys, turned into something much greater for her and the community of Madimbo.

“We are all happy – you can even see the smiles on the children’s faces. Thank you to Venetia; I promise to take care of this facility and will continue to raise these children, care and protect them. They are, after all, the future leaders of this community,” she said.

The toddlers were visibly excited as they enjoyed their new play areas and toys.

De Beers Venetia Lends A Hand on Mandela Day


On Saturday, 20 July, De Beers’ Venetia Mine employees and contractors rolled up their sleeves in commemoration of Mandela Day to refurbish the Musina Disability Centre in Nancefield.

Managed by Yunsa Mbewe, the centre caters for more than 100 people living with disabilities and is used as a public participation platform for elderly citizens within the area.

The participants of the day were Venetia Mine, who organized the event and confirmed the work to be undertaken; Khulisano General Works who donated paint brushes, rollers and dust masks; Rasta’s General Trading who set up gazebos and braai stands before venturing into the other activities. Ravhuyani Construction and Projects donated paints, curtain rails and had their professional painters lead the group of volunteers in painting the various rooms in the facility. Eurest Support Services (ESS) donated cleaning material and 20 chairs, Mukondi Mafune of Venetia Diamond Club donated curtains; and the Venetia Guesthouse joined in by providing catering and labour. IJP Swimming Pools and Handy Safety Solutions also donated paint.

Beaming with pride at the progress the centre has made through the years, Mbewe thanked all who participated in the day’s activities to ensure a lasting legacy for the centre.

“As I stand here today, I am speechless because it seems like this place has been transformed into something new, all thanks of Venetia Mine. They say Mandela Day is an opportunity to commit 67 minutes of your day to do good, but you have spent the whole day with us, so be proud of yourselves. You must continue doing the good work you do for us and our community,” he said.

Social Performance Specialist at Venetia Mine, Bonani Nyabane, also thanked all participants for their efforts.

“What we have witnessed here today is utmost dedication and commitment from different sectors of our business as well as our contracting partners. We would like to thank the Musina Municipality and the centre for affording us this opportunity to come and work together, to, in a very small way, make the kind of contribution that we have made today in remembrance of the contribution that Nelson Mandela made,” he said.

It’s Parvo Season! Warmer Weather = Parvo

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Susceptible dogs are infected orally when they come into contact with a contaminated area. Puppies and young dogs who have not received all of their vaccinations are at high risk for contracting parvovirus. Ensure that your puppies and dogs’ jabs are up to date!

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