Are We Surprised?

This article surely strikes close to home, in Musina

Not a single municipality in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, the Northern Cape or Free State, all of them ANC-run provinces, received a clean audit following the latest cycle of official financial inspection.

This, after auditor-general (AG) Kimi Makwethu earlier this week released findings from the Consolidated General Report on Local Government Audit Outcomes for 2017/18.


Auditor-general Kimi Makwethu.

Apart from measuring 21 “municipal entities”, or sub-municipal councils, the local government auditing cycle looked at the books of 257 municipalities and revealed that only 18 had received clean audits. Twelve of the municipalities are in the Western Cape whilst the remaining clean-audit councils are in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape.

From a percentage point of view the auditing cycle found that only 8% of all the municipalities had received clean audits, “a decline from the previous year’s 14%”, a government news report said.

Makwethu emphasised that “since the current local government administration took office, the governance issues affecting municipalities have consistently been flagged with them in various formats, including individualised meetings with the leadership and through the AG’s 2016/17 general report, but the latest set of results indicates that this constant advice has largely been ignored”.

The auditor-general’s revelations came in the same week that leading poultry processor Astral forced Lekwa Local Municipality to abide by an earlier High Court finding that it must show how it intends to restore municipal infrastructure. The move by Standerton’s leading private sector entity against public sector dereliction came as Astral recorded an R85-million drop in revenue because of inconsistent water supply to its facilities.


What do you mean, you don’t read?

Too many people, these days, state quite proudly, “Oh no, I don’t read – I don’t have time for it”, implying that their lives are so busy doing other, vitally important stuff that they can’t pick up a novel and immerse themselves in it, not even for a little while.


Good fiction creates empathy. A novel takes you somewhere and asks you to look through the eyes of another person, to live another life. -Barbara Kingsolver, novelist, essayist, and poet (b. 8 Apr 1955)


In the past week, I have been to the far side of our solar system and witnessed the saving of humankind. Didn’t even break a sweat. The good news is, the baddies weren’t eradicated and, come the sequel in June, will be back to do battle with the hero.

Since then, I have been seeing the world through the  red eyes of a person, boy, then man, who has red eyes (ocular albinism) and how that affected his interaction with other people as well as his faith. Also fiction, but well worth setting aside some time to peruse it, “The Extraordinary Life Of Sam Hell”, by Robert Dugoni, explores themes like xenophobic intolerance, religious faith and reluctant love, without being onerous.

Stop putting the washing in the machine and pick up a book. Do it!

TNR Funds Collection Boxes

These are the new TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) donation boxes at both veterinary clinics (Limpopo & Savuti).

Please support the Musina TNR project. There are so many strays in Musina that we need to help.

Many thanks to both Dr. Suzanne Wohlitz & Dr. Heinrich Vollgraaff who are always available to help with sterilization. It costs about R300 per female cat and R200 per male cat.

Donations can also be paid directly to either of the veterinarian’s accounts, with the reference: Musina TNR. Please send proof of payment to Also check out the Musina TNR Facebook (click on the link), page and see what has been done for the stray cats in Musina.


What a sad, sad day for Musina.

Dave Diener, erstwhile principal of Musina Primary School, stalwart member of Messina Golf Club and a legend in his own time in Musina and beyond, passed away this morning at home, after suffering a heart attack.

Sincere condolences to Marietjie, all of the girls and Davey.

Traffic Circle Usage

This article was posted in January 2016, on this site.

It bears repeating, especially now that we have 3 traffic circles.

“This; is a link to the Arrive Alive website, and in particular the page dealing with the use of traffic circles (roundabouts).

The three circles in Musina on the N1 outside the Musina Mall show frequent lack of knowledge of these rules. The driving schools and examiners in Musina must ensure that all students/ candidates know exactly how to use the circles.

Of particular concern is the current practice by taxi drivers to stop either in the approach to the circle, or, believe it or not, in the circle itself for passengers to alight or enter. Many drivers, and here, I have seen police, army and traffic police vehicles do this when approaching town from the north and encounter the circle opposite the N1 Business Centre, don’t bother to keep left around the circle, but take a short-cut around the right-hand side of it!

I’m not sure where all of the Traffic Wardens are, who were all over town prior to the festive season, but a few should be detailed at each of the circles to deal with transgressors.”