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News from Messina Primary


Mrs. Lucinda Vorster

Congratulations to Mrs. Lucinda Vorster, who was appointed as Principal of Messina Primary School today. We look forward to an incredible 2020 with you at the helm. Love, Staff and Governing Body.

Prefects Camp: Messina Primary School Prefects for 2020

When the school bell rang for the holidays, the prefects got on the bus for a team building and preparation camp at African Extreme Safaris. There were planned activities, games and even kleilat fights.

(Click on the images to enlarge them)

We would like to thank the following community members for their sponsorships: Hennie & Sarita Erwee; Attie and Spur; Smartbrain Messina (Sanet); Johan Verster and Robbie Human.

School Interhouse Athletics Meeting November 28, 2019

Despite the heat, the following records were improved upon.
Boys 0/13 100m – Jeffrey Singo and Boys 0/10 Shotput – Jacques Killian

Cup Winners:

Junior Victor Ludorum Nthambeleni Nebudani

Junior Victrix Ludorum Namara Gwasure

Senior Victor Ludorum Jeffrey Singo, Best track athlete Jeffrey Singo
Best field athlete Jeffrey Singo

Senior Victrix Ludorum Bia Cunningham

Best hurdles athlete, boys: Aeden Anderson

Winning Cup: Blue Team

Cup winners; Blue Team Captains: Hendrikus de Jager and Miché Molter

Spirit Cup: White Team

Spirit cup: Kelley Ferreira, Serea Pretorius, JJ Goosen, MC Brand, JP Coetzee, Jessica Mhlanga


Messina Primary Prizegiving 13th November 2019

Academic Trophies And Prizes

Gr. 1 -3 Top Achievers: (named in each class)Front: Juanè Labuschagne (Gr. 2S), Mandisi Ndiweni (Gr. 1V), Lienke Vorster (Gr. 1P) Back: Megan Hodgson (Gr. 2M), Pieter Schoeman (Gr. 3W), Fareefta Islam (Gr. 3N), Ané van Heerder (Gr. 3S), Calum Badenhorst (Gr. 1C), Caelum Carolissen (Gr. 2B)

Gr. 4 – 7 Top Achievers: (Named in each class) Front: Yohannes Ayana (Gr 4E), Jonea Pretorius (Gr 4V), Sayma Alam (Gr 5E), Jessica Malungane (Gr 6O), Jana Erwee (Gr 6N), Danie Landsberg (Gr 5F), Joy Ngobeni (Gr. 4H) Back: Mpho Tekateka (Gr. 5D), Julia Polley (Gr. 6D), Micaela Evans (Gr. 7 S), Shaista Alam (Gr 7N), Serea Pretorius (Gr 7V) Thando Ndiweni (Gr 6R), Brent Vorster (Gr 5J)

Gr. 1 – 3 Best Progress in Reading. Front: Blessed Nethononda (Gr.1V), Isabella Fourie (Gr.3S), Xongile Nyabane (Gr.2B), Ansel Biewenga (Gr1C), Nsuku Malungane (G.2M), Marko Pretorius (Gr.1P),Ano Chiweshe (Gr. 2B), Jano Human (Gr. 1P), Nthabi Moraba (Gr. 1V)Back: Boitomelo Motalane (Gr. 3N), Ruan Jansen (Gr. 3W), Cayla Nathan (Gr. 2S), Dirk Oosthuysen (Gr. 3S), Abigail Mokoena (Gr. 2M), Kemoratile Mochike Gr. 3N), Elané Visser (Gr. 3W), Juan Shultz (Gr.2S), Vicky Barlow (Gr 1C)

Gr. 4 – 6 Reading awards: Front: Unathi Pepete (Gr 4H), Allen Mokwena (Gr 4H), Kgaugelo Mashatola (Gr 6O), Prince Makhado (Gr 5D), Asmah Ahmed (Gr 4E), Zelri Pieterse (Gr 5J), Kristelle Vermeulen (Gr. 5F), Steven Ndlovu (Gr. 6R), Jaydene van Zyl (Gr. 5J), Jack Polley (Gr. V), Prince Tlou (Gr. 4E)Back: W.J. Taute Gr. 5F), Jessica Malungane (Gr. 6 O), Sayma Alam (Gr. 5E), Jana Erwee (Gr. 6V), Julia Polley (Gr. 6R), Shaun Wesmore (Gr. 6V), Buhle Ndiwenei (Gr. 6R) ), Andrea Evans (Gr. 5D), Lesley-Jay Scholtz (Gr. 6O), Mpho Maselesele (Gr. 5E), Heiryn Cloete (Gr. 4V)

Gr. 7 Reading awards: Leon Schoonraad (Gr 7V), Shaista Alam (Gr 7N), Mashudu Maphosa (Gr 7N), Absent – Micaela Evans and Reynhardt v.d. Laarse

Gr. 7 Academic Trophy Creative Arts – Leon Schoonraad, English Home Language and Afrikaans First Additional Language – Shaista Alam

Gr. 7 – Special Trophies Performance Above Expectation – Kayla Meyer and Exceptional Character, Compassion, Honesty & Integrity – Hanno Roos

Dux Pupil: Serea Pretorius

Best achievement in Afrikaans Home Language, English First Additional Language, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Creative Arts, Mathematics, E.B.W. Technology and Life Orientation

Sports Trophies and Prizes

Sports Trophies: Front: Hanna Landsberg – Junior swimming girl, Ethan Schmidt – Junior swimming boy, Aeden Anderson – Cycling. Middle: Lu-han Pieterse and Brent Vorster – Junior Hockey Boy, Pitso Makhura – Merit Trophy for Rugby, Murendeni Manyatshe – Best Progress in Netball, Andrea Evans – Junior Hockey Girl, Mi-Ne Verster – Senior Swimming Girls. Back: Geané Anderson – Athletics girls, Tennis girls, Cycling girls, Rico Pieterse – Cricket boys, J.P. Coetzee – Senior Hockey boys, Jeffrey Singo – Best rugby player and Athletics, Hanrè v.d. Berg, Juandré Sofianos, Rryn Hodgson – Best Netball player

Sports boy and girl Jeffrey Singo and Geane Anderson

Honours colours – Athletics, Rugby and Cross Country Aeden Anderson – Cross Country, Daniel Landsberg – Cross Country, Jeffrey Singo – Rugby and Athletics, David Mokobi – Rugby, Geané Anderson – Cross Country, Hannah Landsberg

Cross Country Honours colours – Biathlon Front: Jamie Venter, Hannah Landsberg, Daniel Landsberg, Wayne Swarts, Ethan Schmidt, Aeden Anderson. Back: Melissa Laubscher, Geané Anderson, JJ Goosen, Danè Strijdom, Kaylie Groenewald.

Pieter Schoeman Recycler of the Year (Most Eco Bricks Brought) – Cameron Simpson (Gr1C)

Other Trophies and Prizes



Messina Primary School Revue; TEMPO IN TYD / TIME

The members of the Tempo In Tyd/ Time team

Messina Primary School presented their Revue from October 8 to 10, 2019. It kicked off with a gala evening which was a huge success. The tickets for the next two nights were sold out in an instant.

Tempo in Time took us all the way back to 1950 and then up to 2020 with a time machine.

Mrs. Isabel Pietersen was the organizer of this year’s revue and Mrs. Dianne Oosthuysen wrote the screenplay.

Messina Primary School would like to thank the principal, teachers, parents, the community and especially the pupils for the hours of practice, coaching, assistance and assistance. A special thank you also to the main sponsor, Elegant Fuel.

Academic Achievers

Messina Primary School Announces Academic Top 5’s.

Messina Primary School, on Tuesday, 1st October 2019 proudly announced their academic top 5 teams for term three. These pupils all obtained an average of above 80%.

Gr 4 top achievers: From left to right are Jonea Pretorius, Adriaan Smit, Jack Polley and Aiden Erasmus (Equal third by points), Joshua Mudzongo

Gr 5 top achievers: From left to right are Brent Vorster, Larah Hodgson and Daniël Landsberg (Equal second by points), Cesca Nel, Dedrei Pretorius

Gr 6 top achievers: From left to right are Jessica Malungane, Tehya Stevens, Julia Polley, Thando Ndiweni, Buhle Ndiweni

Gr 7 top achievers: From left to right are Serea Pretorius, Geané Anderson, Shaista Alam, Zian Grobler, Micaela Evans

Annual Grade 7 Cycle Ride

On Friday 13 September there was great excitement at Messina Primary School, as it was time for the Gr. 7 pupils’ annual bicycle tour. It was also the 41st anniversary of this special event. The students ride their bikes from Bokmakierie to Tshipise, with the grade 7 parents manning the water points. After the last water point, there is usually a race among the children to determine who comes first into Tshipise.

The winners of the cycling were as follows:

Ms Lucinda Vorster Geane Anderson Waldo Strijdom Ms Natasha Verster

Girls: First – Geané Anderson, second – Erynn Hodgson and third Busi Makautse

Ms Lucinda Vorster Busi Makautse Erynn Hodgson Geane Anderson Ms Natasha Verster


Boys: First – Waldo Strijdom, second, Hanré van den Berg and third J.J. Goosen

Ms Vorster JJ Goosen, Hanre van den Berg Waldo Strijdom Ms Natasha Verster

The organizer of the race, Ms Natasha Verster, afterwards expressed her gratitude to the sponsors of the day, namely Tshipise Forever Resort – for the use of the resort, Messina Traffic Department, Mussina Toyota Knights – Lizette Groenewald and Antonette du Plessis and the Gr. 7 parents of Messina Primary School.

“Without your sponsorship, the day would not have been possible,” said the acting head of Messina Primary School, Mrs. Lucinda Vorster.

Academics I

Radical Orators/ Radikale Redenaars
Congratulations to Jessica Malungane and Melissa Laubsher for their beautiful performances in Radical Orators.

Jessica Malungane and Melissa Laubsher

Both will advance to the National Final to be held on October 12 at Constantia Park Primary School in Pretoria. Congratulations, girls.

Academics II

SAOU – Mathematics and Science in Action

Serea Pretorius

Congratulations to Serea Pretorius, who was invited to a Maths Fun Day at the University of Pretoria on October 12. Congratulations on the great achievement!!!

Academic Achievers :2nd Term

Messina Primary School Announces Academic Top 5 at the end of the 2nd term.

Gr 4 top achievers: From left to right, Jonea Pretorius, Adriaan Smit, Joy Kgwale, Yohannes Ayana, Aidan Erasmus
Gr 5 top achievers: From left to right are Brent Vorster, Daniël Landsberg, Larah Hodgson, Sayma Alam, Cesca Nel
Gr 6 top achievers: From left to right are Jessica Malungane, Tehya Stevens, Thendo Ndiweni, Taboka Godie, Buhle Ndiweni
Gr 7 top achievers: From left to right, Serea Pretorius, Rico Pieterse, Hanré v.d. Berg, Zian Grobler, Geané Anderson

“Maths Challenge” Olympiad

Round two of the Maths Challenge Olympiad takes place on July 22.
The following pupils will participate.

Front; Ade Mogale (Gr. 5), Thato Tlou (Gr. 6), Lazarus Mulaudzi (Gr.6), Jessica Malungane (Gr. 6), Wayne Swarts (Gr. 5), Yohannes Ayana (Gr. 4), Rofhiwa Mulea (Gr. 6),
Back: Ms. Maret van Niekerk, Koketso Musina (Gr.6), S.J. Schoeman (Gr. 5), Serea Pretorius (Gr. 7), Rico Pieterse (Gr. 7), Shaista Alam (Gr. 7), Jana Erwee (Gr. 6), Phomello Khoele (Gr. 6), Sayma Alam (Gr. 5)

Sports News

Messina Primary School was once again the proud presenter of the 20th Bulletjie weekend at Tshipise Forever Resort on 1 June. Mini-netball was also played, with the girls playing their hearts out, just like the rugby boys. (Click on the images in the galleries, to enlarge them).

The acting principal, Ms. Lucinda Vorster, expressed her sincere thanks to the following sponsors and people who had helped make this weekend a huge success: Tshipise Forever Resort, Musina Super Spar, Freek Clifford, Howard Knott, Basjan Huitz, Willem Esterhuyse, Tshipise Safaris, Tiaan Theunissen, Kobie Oosthuizen, Hermanus Schoeman, Alicedale Estates, Ricker Botha, Kobus McCabe, Breakfast Club, Willie Barnard, Johandré Putter, Tershia Nel, Talisman Musina, Barend Vorster, Kobus Vorster, Boela Horne, Flip Botha and the Parents and Community of Messina.


Messina Primary School sold raffle tickets from which participants were able to win fantastic prizes. A big thank you to the parents, pupils and community who sold and bought the tickets.The winners of the lucky draw were: Roselda Lubbe and Dighard Myburg (each won an impala). The main prize, a weekend at Tshipise, was won by Drienie Volschenk.


Mrs Vorster also expressed her gratitude to the staff of Messina Primary School for whom nothing was too much trouble and who worked so hard to plan the weekend and spared no effort on the day.

Rugby News

Congratulations to David Mokobi and Jeffrey Singo who were included in the U/12 Limpopo Blue Bulls team.

Good luck for the season.

Netball Sponsorship
Ms. Mariaan Vorster, coach of the under twelve netball team, would like to thank PJ Safaris for sponsoring backpacks for the A and B teams.

The under ten coaches, Ms. Anzelle Esterhuizen and Ms. Kayla van der Merwe, would like to thank the following sponsors: Netball shirt – Musina Toyota and CNC Mejic Construction and Netball bags and hats – Yveian Services

Repurposing For Ecology And Conservation


Messina Primary has launched a clean-up project by making Eco-bricks. These bricks are made by stuffing empty 2-litre bottles with soft waste plastic. Stuffing the bottle properly means that when pressed it will not make a sound and will weigh 400g minimum. These ‘bricks’ will eventually be used to build with.

Every learner who hands in 10 Eco-bricks of the right standard will be awarded a recycling badge. There will also be a prize for handing in the most bricks before the end of the year. The project will, however, be ongoing indefinitely.

The first learners received their badges on Monday 6 May. Pictured are;

In front:  Ashanti Louw and Dale Nel and Back: Serea Pretorius, Hanré v.d. Berg, Ms Annamie Stander (Organizer of Eco Bricks project)


ATKV Orators
On April 24, 16 learners from Messina Primary in Polokwane took part in the first round of the annual ATKV Reasoning Competition. They had a chance to express the courage of their convictions by delivering their well-prepared speeches before a panel of judges. Four of the learners also participated in the competition in English First Additional Language.


Jessica, Muhofe and Aeden

Three learners, Jessica Malungane, Muhofe Nethengwe and Aeden Anderson, went through to the semi-final round to be held on May 25 at Hans Strijdom High School.

Cycling March 15, 2019

On March 15, another cycling competition was launched. The pupils competed against each other and the pupils with the best time were selected as winners. The best Junior riders were Elané Visser and Jaun-Claude Breedt. The best senior riders were Dané and Waldo Stríjdom.

The cyclists with their prizes. Voor: Aeden Anderson, Elané Visser, Mvelo Mhlanga, Elru Brits (Afwesig met die neem van foto) Agter: Me. Maret Schoeman, Geané Anderson, Waldo Strïjdom, Dané Strïjdom, Jaun-Claude Breedt, Me. Mariaan Vorster

The sponsors were as follows: Caps for First Place – Talisman, Water Bottles for Junior and Senior Winners – Tiffany van den Berg, Chocolate for second and third place – Serendipity and Christelle van der Walt.

Rugby News – Sponsorships of 1st XV and Bulletjies

Messina Primary School’s Bulletjies are well under way. Each team shone on and off the rugby field.

The coaches and players would like to thank the following people for their sponsorships; Ms. Justine Putter, Deline Els, Kobus Kruger and Paul Campbell – Cash Donation, Ruan and Johan Brits, Thabo Electrical – Shirts, Mr. Takele Ayana, 1 Stop Motor Spares – Pants, Freek Clifford – Exercise cones, M & M Textiles – “Rips” for pants, Robie and Sanet Human – Exercise balls and teambags
Thank you also to every parent and supporter for your faithful support.

Messina Primary School announces Academic Top 5.

On Monday, 8 April, Messina Primary School announced their quarterly academic top five teams. These pupils all achieved an average of over 80%.

Biathlon News

Messina Primary School made history by signing-up for the first time as a school team to participate in a biathlon league. It was a tough season, but the team showed what they were capable of and gave their best in the hot Musina sun by practicing hard. In doing so, they have managed to score enough points to not only qualify as a team but also individually to represent Limpopo in the South African biathlon championships to be held this year in Port Elizabeth on 31 March. We are very proud of these 13 athletes, and a special thank you to every parent who motivates, drives and finances their children. We are sincerely grateful!

Front: Hannah Landsberg (she broke the provincial record but is still too young to participate in the South African championships). Middle: Aidan Anderson, Daniël Landsberg, Wayne Swarts, Ethan Schmidt, Pieter Schoeman. Back: Ms. Maret van Niekerk, Geané Anderson, Dané Strjidom, JJ Goosen, Melissa Laubscher, Kylie Groenewald, Mi-né Verster, Ms. Samantha Jansen

U/13 Netball

Messina Primary 0/13 Netball girls ready for the season.

Messina Primary School’s first netball team was treated when they each received a backpack and two exercise shirts. They are looking forward to the season that kicks off with a tournament, from 8 – 10 March, at Camp Discovery.

Thank you to NTK, Kobus and Annemarie du Plessis (NTK representatives) who sponsored the shirts and Toyota Messina, Antoinette du Plessis (Toyota representative) who sponsored the backpacks for our daughters. Thank you to Robbie Human who arranged the sponsors for us. Thank you, too, to every parent who lovingly supports their daughter. We believe they will excel on the courts.


Messina Primary School excels on the athletics field.

On Friday, February 8, the pupils participated in the Regional Athletics Meet at Louis Trichardt Primary School. Sixteen of our pupils were chosen to participate in the District Meet on Friday 15 February at Messina Primary School.

Athletes in the photo: Front: Henré Roos (Javelin), Johandre Fourie (Shotput), Boitumelo Nkuna (Highjump and Long Jump), Dané Strijdom (Long jump and 70m Hurdles), Aiden Erasmus (Shotput) Back: Keitometse Makhura (Shotput, 100m, 80m and Long Jump), Bia Cunningham (75m Hurdles and 150m Hurdles, JP Coetsee (Shotput, Discus and Javelin), Rico Pieterse (Shotput and Discus), Busisiwe Makautse (High Jump), Sunique Coetzee ( Shotput) Absent When the photo was taken; Newo Ramarumo, Geané Anderson, Kgaugelo Mashatola, Unati Pepete.

Jeffrey Singo was our star athlete. He participated in 7 events and won gold in five of them. Truly a great achievement.

Jeffrey Singo (Gold medals) – Discus, 100m, 150m, 75m hurdles, javelin

Prefects and Gr. 7 Friday dress.

Messina Primary School has the Gr. 7 “Class of 2019” feeling special with their exclusively designed Friday shirts. The prefect group also gets a matching cap sponsored by M & M Textiles. Talisman also made a big contribution to our prefects’ outfits.

Ms  Ronel Pieterse from Talisman is with the senior pupils

We are sincerely grateful to the staff for this initiative and the suppliers, sponsors and parents for making our children’s Gr.7 year special.

The rest of the Gr. 7 group in their Friday outfits.

New Teachers At Messina Primary School

Messina Primary welcomed three new teachers and four student teachers into their midst.

From left:
Inneke Pietersen (Gr. R), Anzelle Esterhuizen (Gr. 5 Mathematics) and Cindy Simpson (Gr. 2)

New Students
Mary-Ann Fritz, Marichelle Geyer, Kayla van der Merwe and Jeanette Nel

Inter-house Athletics, 2019

Inter-house Athletics Meeting; 18 January 2019.

(Click on the images to enlarge them)

Despite the heat, the following records were improved upon. G u/10 75m hurdles – Jonea Pretorius, B u/12 100m, Shotput and 150m – Jeffrey Singo, G u/13 800m and1500m – Geané Anderson, B u/13 80m hurdles – MC Brand.

Cup Winners: Junior Victor Ludorum; Victor Kleynhaus, Junior Victrix Ludorum; Jonea Pretorius, Senior Victor Ludorum; Jeffrey Singo and Senior Victrix Ludorum; Geané Anderson. Best track athlete; Jeffrey Singo, Best field athlete; Jeffrey Singo. Best long distance athlete; Geané Anderson. Hurdles trophies, Girls; Jonea Pretorius, Boys; MC Brand. Winning Team Cup: Blue Team. Best spirit Cup: White team.

Trophy winners Front: Jonea Pretorius, Geané Anderson, Jeffrey Singo, MC Brand, Victor Kleynhaus.

Blue Team Captains: Rico Pieterse and Miché Molter. White team best spirit cup: JP Coetzee and Erynn Hodgson

At Musina Primary, the Grade R’s come singly, in pairs and in threes

New Gr. Rs

Messina Primary School‘s new Grade R buddies started the new school year with a broad smile. They didn’t hesitate and immediately started practicing their talents. Some were a little miserable to begin with, but all were smiling broadly by the end of the day. Click on the images in the galleries, to enlarge the them.

We are also fortunate to have triplets and twins in the group.

Inauguration of Prefects.

Messina Primary School may be behind the mountains, but certainly is not behind a rock. The prefects of 2019 were inaugurated on Monday 14 January.

Me. Alam sponsored the pupils’ ties. CY Frozen Foods and Messina Recycling made contributions towards the prefect’s uniforms and the rest was paid for by the parents of the prefects. With these new school blazers, our leaders can personify our motto: “Shine out“.

Even Messina’s heat didn’t put these learners off wearing their jackets all day, with pride.

The prefects in their new blazers

We would like to thank Mrs. Cindy van der Merwe and Mrs. Natasha Verster for decorating the hall for the inauguration.


Our biathlon athletes travelled to Nelspruit to participate in an Inter-provincial competition, on 12 January.

Musina Primary’s Biathlon Athletes

Thirteen pupils participated and the best results were as follows:

Thirds: Ethan Schmidt (u/9) and Geané Anderson (u/13), Second: JJ Goosen (u/13) and Firsts: Hannah Landsberg (u/8) and Kylie Groenewaldt (u/11)

Hannah and Kylie respectively broke the Provincial and Open records. The Junior Victrix Ludorum for the day was Kylie Groenewaldt

Messina Primary School – Prizegiving –13th  November 2018

3 Years Trompoppies – All participants in Gr. 1 to Gr. 3 Who were in the trompoppies received a trophy;
Front: Rendani Mandiwana, Jessica Nalana, Hailey De Vitis
Behind: Lesedi Malatji, Eldah Djabudi, Sunique Coetzee, Laminè van der Schyff, Jolien Saunderson
Junior Top Achievers: (designated in each class)
Front: Jesika Smit (Gr.1 C), Yohannes Ayana (Gr. 3 M), Ethan Schmidt (Gr. 2 M), Caelum Carolissen (Gr. 1 V), Samia Alam (Gr. 2 B – Share it with Fareefta Islam)
Behind: Jonea Pretorius (Grade 3 C), Anè van Heerden (Gr2 S), Fareefta Islam (Gr2 B – Share it with Samia Alam), Adriaan Smit (Gr 3 W), Lesedi Malatji (Gr. 3 D) Juane Labuschagnè (Gr. 1P)
Senior Top Performers: (Nominated in each class)
Front: Joha Sieberhagen (Gr 5D), Tehya Stevens (Gr 5F), Jessica Malungane (Gr 5J), Mpho Tekateka (Gr 4E)
Behind: Daniel Landsberg (Grade 4J), Shaista Alam (Grade 6D), Tylor Nel (Gr. 7S), Nicole Saungweme (Gr. 7R), Serea Pretorius (Gr. 6S), Brent Vorster(Gr.4V)
Junior Best Progress in Reading.
Front: Ivanka Coetzee (Gr. 2B), Juanel Lubbe (Gr. 2P), Kelsy van Eeden (Gr. 1C), Tshilidzi Mandiwana (Gr. 1V)
Middle: Isabel van Eeden (Gr. 2M), Victor Kleinhaus (Gr. 3 W), Stacey-Leigh Swart (Gr. 2 S), Mukundi Khomba (Gr. 1V), Jayden van Rooyen (Gr. 1C), Janco Jansen (Gr. 2S), Hannah Landsberg (Gr. 2M)
Rear: Clarize Moller (Grade 3C), Francois de Villiers (Grade 3C),
Jolien Saunderson (Gr. 3 W), Keisa Mabidi (Gr. 3N), Khuthatzo Tshinavha (Gr. 3N), Jessica Nalana (Gr. 3D), Anoint Sichewo (Gr. 3D), Oratile Lukhele (Gr. 2B)
Senior Reading Awards:
Front: Wyatt Naudè (Gr. 5J), Roan Brits (Gr 6S), Neels Reyneke (Gr 5M), Brent Vorster (Gr 4V), David Mokobi (Gr 4H), Subastian Pretorius (Gr 5V) Eckhard Minnaar (Gr 4J)
Middle: Theo Maluleke (Gr 7S), Princess Mogwira (Gr 4H), Kristelle Vermeulen (Gr. 4J), Masindi Tshouambea (Gr 4E), Dineo Mathebula (Gr. 6D), Sneha Uddin (Gr. 6D), Joha Sieberhagen (Gr. 5D), Lutendo Raedani (Gr.6D), Steven Ndlovu (Gr. 5F)
Rear: Jessica Malungane (Gr. 5J), Mpho Tekateka (Gr 4E), Janli du Toit (Gr 7V), Livhuwani Siziba (Gr.7R), Janel Pieterse (Gr 7V), Idah Tshakuma (Gr 7R) , Hope Mmbogo (Gr 7S), Murendeni Manyatshe (Gr 6D), Erynn Hodgson (Gr 6S), Tehya Stevens (Gr. 5F)
Gr. 7 Academic Trophies
Elri Vorster – Best Performance in Afrikaans Home Language, English First Additional Language, Natuure Sciences, Mathematics, E.B.W. and Life Orientation
Nicole Saungweme – Highest achievement in English Home Language, Social Science and Creative Arts (Girl)
Josiah Rathokolo – Highest achievement in Creative Arts (Boy)
Mia Limbach – Best Performance in Technology
Tylor Nel – Highest achievement in Afrikaans First Additional Language
Dux Student: Elri Vorster
Sports Trophies:
Front: Kaylie Groenewald – Best Performance in Swimming (Junior Daughter), Mi-Ne Verster – Best Performance in Swimming (Senior Daughter), Okuhle Ntshaba – Highest Achievement in Hockey (Junior Girl), Jeffrey Singo – Highest Achievement in Rugby, Ethan Schmit – Best Performance in Swimming (Junior Boy), MC Brand – Best Performance in Athletics, Erynn Hodgson – Best Progress in Netball, Geané Anderson – Best Performance in Athletics and Cycling
Rear: Marco van der Merwe – Best achievement in Cricket, Kylan Naudé – Highest Achievement in Hockey (Gladys Mudau) – Highest Achievement in Netball, Ruva Mushongahande – Highest Achievement in Tennis (Senior Girl), Katlego Maraba – Best Achievement in Rugby, Munazzah Islam – Highest Achievement in Hockey (Senior Girl), JJ Goosen – Best Performance in Swimming (Senior Boy), Waldo Strijdom – Best Performance in Cycling
Sports boy and girl
Aeden Anderson and Geané Anderson (Brother and sister)
Ruvha Mushongahande – ATKV Trophy for First Additional Language, Mia Limbach – Senior ATKV Trophy, Josiah Rathokolo – Gr. 7 Learner with Exceptional Character Compassion, Integrity and Honesty, Idah Tshakuma – Gr. 7 Learner who achieved very well, Sunique Coetzee – Junior ATKV Trophy, Melissa Laubcher – Intermediate ATKV Trophy
Ek weet / I know trophy
Elri Vorster and Simoné Nel
Neatest Handwriting – One per grade has been selected.
Larah Hodgson (Gr. 4), Janel Pieterse (Gr. 7), Serea Pretorius (Gr. 6), Jessica Malungane (Gr 5J)
Senior Prefects for 2018:
Geané Anderson (Deputy headgirl), Serea Pretorius (Head girl), Ms. Lucinda Vorster (Acting Head), Rico Pieterse (Head boy), Zian Grobler (Deputy headboy)
Prefects for 2019
1st row: Phumudzo Masibigiri, JJ Goosen, Waldo Strijdom, Hanré van den Berg, Juandre Sofianos, MC Brand, Craig Sebola
2nd row: Erynn Hodgson, Sarah Saheed, Coenraad Roets, Matthew Thielscher, Robbie van Eeden, JP Coetsee, Gerhard Welman, Jessica Mhlanga, Tyra Saeed
3rd row: Geane Anderson (Deputy headgirl, Serea Pretorius (Head girl), Rico Pieterse (Head boy, Zian Grobler (Deputy headboy)
4th row: Keira Venter, Louise Rossouw, Lonene Mathebula, Michaela Evans, Hendrikus de Jager, Shaista Alam, Hanno Roos, Mische Bezuidenhout, Nusrat Jahan, Mukethwa Makhado, Miché Molter





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