Musina Hervormde Kerk Annual Fun Run

The Hervormde Kerk’s Annual Fun Run was held on Friday 27th November.

As usual, there was a good turnout of participants, from the serious runners, to the casual strollers, with babies, kiddies and pets.

There were also a number of stall holders selling many diverse products. The church’s rib burgers were sold out well ahead of time.

Here are some photos of the prize-winners. Many more pics from the evening may be seen at this link;

  • Results; Men; 1st; Zane D, 2nd; Emmanuel Makushu, 3rd; Shaun O’Callaghan
  • Women; 1st; Jackie O’Callaghan, 2nd; Elane Anderson, 3rd; Samantha Jansen
  • H/S boys; 1st; Waldo Strijdom, 2nd; Henrico Lyon, 3rd; Jacques Wessels
  • H/S girls; 1st; Geane Anderson, 2nd; Marissa v/d Coning, 3rd; Erynn Hodgson
  • P/S boys; 1st; Wayne Swarts, 2nd; Aeden Anderson, 3rd; Gordon O’Callaghan
  • P/S girls; 1st Hannah Landberg; 2nd; Genevieve O’Callaghan, 3rd; Melissa Laubscher
  • Senior Men; Brian Kalshoven
  • Senior Ladies; Audrie Fourie

Message from the organisers;

We would like to say thank you to the market stall-holders and the participating community for their support of our successful annual Fun Run.

A special thank-you to these sponsors, for their support and donations;

  • Jaco Pieterse from Steyn Steel
  • Kobus du Plessis from NTK Musina
  • Hannes and Nadia Erasmus
  • Elmarie from Musina Spur
  • Christo from Musina SuperSpar
  • Lodewyk from Musina KwikSpar
  • Johan Brits and his team from Tabo Electric
  • All of the church members for their donations toward the function

We really appreciated everyone’s support and look forward to next year’s Fun Run

Congratulations to the organisers for another well-run event.


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