Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund

I know that Musina has a number of Zimbabweans and Rhodesians resident here. (We didn’t get far, hey?), so please consider assisting the old folks who are still up there, with a worthless pension and no hope of leaving.

A huge Thank You to everyone who is, or has supported us. We have 544 Boxes for our Golden Oldies Boxes Adopted so far, so only 153 to go. Then the Frail Care parcels and Kitchen Gifts. Come on guys we can do this, let’s keep the momentum going!! The trucks and Hannes will be departing from Malelane shortly within the next week or so to start spreading some joy to our Golden Oldies throughout Zimbabwe. The Gifts have been sorted and packed. The Boxes are currently being packed to the brim with the desperately needed food aid for our Golden Oldies. Everyone if I can ask you to share this email as far and wide as possible. I know I have not been able to do all my usual postings and such due to my health issues, but over the past 4 years I have managed to get each and every single one of our Golden Oldies adopted and I would hate due to my condition not to be successful this year.

Sometimes yours is the only GIFT they get!!

Please if you make a donation and are adopting one of our Grannies or Grandpas please send me an email on linda@zpsf.co.za.This is so that I can please keep track of who has been adopted. Thank You.

The current value of the Christmas single person parcels will be about R800 ($60) (£50). (SAME AS THE PAST 4 YEARS). Even if a group of friends make a joint donation to adopt a Golden Oldie or just add to the Christmas kitty for those who are not yet adopted. Your support will go a long way to help making them feel very special this Christmas. As usual things here at the office are hectic as we continue trying to raise funds for the Biggest trip of the year our Special Christmas one.

According to what we are seeing and hearing, times now are worse for the pensioners and the general public than they were in 2008/2009. Their money has lost its value by more than 10x and the cost of basic food supplies has gone through the roof. Our Golden Oldies are starving, literally. There is no water or power most of the time either. Bulawayo is currently sitting with 96 hours of straight water shedding. The Solar kits that everyone sponsored in June / July are currently worth their weight in gold as most places are still having 16-18 hours of power shedding a day.  Please, if you can’t adopt a Golden Oldie for Christmas, if you can consider making just a small donation towards helping us to keep supplying them with the food parcels. The first few months in a new year are always tough and we are currently looking at reducing the time between the trips. I know I have said this before but they need YOUR help now more than ever before.    

How does anyone survive this? Fuel prices in Zimbabwe in USD (95% of people only have access to Zim $)
01 Jan 2019 $1.31;
15 Jan 2019 $3.31
21 May 2019: $4.97
22 July 2019: $7.47
19 Aug 2019:: $9.36
02 Sept 2019: $10.25
06 Oct 2019: $15.64

Just a reminder as well that our ZPSF page is back up and running after a total revamp giving it a new look and easier feel. I am still busy loading updates and pictures but all the important current stuff is there with easier tabs to find the various banking details. Please Visit www.zpsf.co.za 

Our new general PayPal account Link – https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LN6DPRGAPQ9B2&source=url


Thank you for your Interest in wanting to support us. We have PayPal linked to our web page (www.zpsf.co.za) for both a general Worldwide/ South Africa and USA PayPal account. We also have a UK & South African Bank Accounts, an account in Australia via Rhodesian Association of Western Australia as well as an USA Bank Account.

SA Account

  • BRANCH CODE 270952
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER 62239042906

Please if you make a donation to this account, please send a mail to me at linda@zpsf.co.za so that I can send you an Acknowledgement of Donation.

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