Limpopo Biathlon – Musina Leg 1

On the morning of Saturday 21st September, a good number of adults and youngsters congregated at Messina Primary School, to take part in the first leg of the Limpopo Biathlon/ Tweekamp.

The first part of the event was taken up with track running, on various distances, according the various age and gender groups. Here are a few photos, click on the images to enlarge them;

After the last of the men had done their laps, everyone moved down to the school’s swimming pool. Again, depending on the age groups, the distances varied.


Medals and prizes were handed out, to finish off the event.

A larger gallery of photographs can be accessed through this link;

There are even a couple of short video clips, for you to enjoy 🙂


Congratulations to everyone who participated. It seems likely that a second leg will be held in Musina, later, after other venues have hosted their own biathletes.

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