Political Party Fervour

One must assume that the political parties vying for the upcoming election have some control over their canvassers – those who are plastering posters on every available surface.

Here are two instances where the placards are just wrongly placed.

Baobabs are protected species, no-one is allowed to deface or mark them in any way, yet, the EFF, with impunity, has affixed theirs to a baobab, as in the picture.

The same person who sent the images reports that the ANC has similarly defaced a baobab at the Elegant Fuel Filling Station. The baobab is a symbol of our town and province and deserves some respect.

It goes beyond trees. The ANC has, to my mind, shown absolute disrespect to their forebears, by posting their posters on the memorial in the Civic Centre grounds.

Have they no shame? This is a symbol of the cultural heritage of our region.

You can be sure, that as in years gone by, after the election, the posters will just be left where they are, getting more and more tatty and making our town even uglier than it currently is, until they eventually rot away.

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