Zimbabwe Land Restructuring Programme

Would you go back, forgive and forget? Not sure that I could.


Zimbabwe’s long road to redemption seems to be well under way after the government announced that race will play no role in the land restructuring programme (LRP) it intends to roll out in the agricultural sector.

Addressing parliament last week Douglas Karoro, the deputy minister for agriculture among other things, said white farmers would be part of the process and that farmers who had been ejected from their land could expect to have it returned to them.

Zimbabwe is hoping to turn the violence that marked forced farm removals around through its Land Restructuring Programme

An extensive land audit is currently under way and expectations generally support the view that a significant review process is at a play, the kind of redress-in-the-making that will hopefully see a return of skilled expertise to Zimbabwe’s

But perhaps the most befitting form of redress might come in the shape of Mugabe himself who owns at least 21 farms. If the LRP’s one-person-one-farm is properly applied, he may have to forfeit the lion’s share of his ill-gotten assets.

However, although news of the LRP has been well received, trade consultancy Africa House last year said it would take substantial reconstruction and investment to restore Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector to the glory days it once enjoyed as the continent’s so-called “bread basket”.

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