Good news!

The Sitrus Spens will be opening for trade on Tuesday, 2nd June. Unfortunately, the lockdown regulations being what they are, the coffee shop side will not be opening, for now, but the shop will be. Hooray!

Currently available are jaarlemoen, grapefruit – the white- and pink-flesh ones – and loose-skin naartjies, on the citrus side, with oranges to come shortly. Unfortunately, the cara-caras and navels are now over. Standard watermelons with pink flesh, the big ones and the smaller round ones, are available and the delicious yellow-flesh ones, (my favourite), will come in in about 10 days time.

Most of the excellent fresh produce which you have come to love from there, as well as the delicious preserves and confectionery, will be available. If you will want freshly made cakes or tarts, contact Isabel and place an order, saying when you wish to collect it.