Musina’s Weather This Week

Well looks like, as nice as it was, the rain is over and the heat is back.

Weather forecast Musina this week

Min 21  °C 20  °C 18  °C 16  °C 20  °C 20  °C 17  °C
Max 31  °C 32  °C 32  °C 35  °C 38  °C 34  °C 37  °C
Sun 30% 80% 80% 90% 90% 65% 80%
Rain 35% 0% 0% 0% 5% 5% 5%
 force 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Hervormde Kerk Rib & Chip Dinner Fund-raiser

Aandui by Rina Fourie 079 938 5810 of julle kan dit 17h00/ 18h00 of 19h00 dit kom afhaal.  Dan pak hulle bestellings klaar in houers en maak bv 5 tafels waar julle kan dit afhaal…… Maar julle moet tyd aandui wat kos gereed moet wees.

Order with Rina Fourie on 079 938 5810 or you can pick it up from 17h00 / 18h00 or 19h00. They’ll pack the orders in containers and have about 5 tables where you can pick them up …… But you must indicate the time that food should be ready.

Spinning Classes At Zenzele Gym Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm

“Virtues of fitness classes go far beyond working up a sweat”

Exercise is great for mental health; Research has shown that it can lower stress, improve mood and even decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. But new research finds that a group exercise class may be even better for your mental wellbeing than a solo sweat session.

A small study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that people who took group exercise classes reported less stress and more physical, emotional and mental health benefits than those who exercised alone or did not hit the gym at all, suggesting that a social atmosphere may compound the already numerous benefits of physical activity.

At the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, 69 people in their first or second year of medical school—typically a very stressful time—were recruited for the study. One group of students did at least one 30-minute core training class together each week; another exercised alone or with one or two other people at least twice a week; and a third didn’t engage in any physical activity beyond walking or biking for transportation. Students were allowed to choose their own group.

The students took surveys about their stress levels every four weeks and periodically filled out additional surveys about their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. After 12 weeks, the researchers determined that those taking the group core training class were seeing the best results.

The study has some limitations. It’s possible that people who chose the core training group already knew they liked group exercise, and thus saw benefits. But the research suggests that the virtues of fitness classes go far beyond working up a sweat. In addition to a community vibe, the researchers note that the music and choreography used in group classes may boost mood.

If you want to read the entire article and see a short video, click this link;


Zimbabwe Land Restructuring Programme

Would you go back, forgive and forget? Not sure that I could.


Zimbabwe’s long road to redemption seems to be well under way after the government announced that race will play no role in the land restructuring programme (LRP) it intends to roll out in the agricultural sector.

Addressing parliament last week Douglas Karoro, the deputy minister for agriculture among other things, said white farmers would be part of the process and that farmers who had been ejected from their land could expect to have it returned to them.

Zimbabwe is hoping to turn the violence that marked forced farm removals around through its Land Restructuring Programme

An extensive land audit is currently under way and expectations generally support the view that a significant review process is at a play, the kind of redress-in-the-making that will hopefully see a return of skilled expertise to Zimbabwe’s

But perhaps the most befitting form of redress might come in the shape of Mugabe himself who owns at least 21 farms. If the LRP’s one-person-one-farm is properly applied, he may have to forfeit the lion’s share of his ill-gotten assets.

However, although news of the LRP has been well received, trade consultancy Africa House last year said it would take substantial reconstruction and investment to restore Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector to the glory days it once enjoyed as the continent’s so-called “bread basket”.

This article courtesy of FTW Online



Update On The Load Shedding Issue

Chairman of the Eskom board, Jabu Mabuza.

Following implementation of stage 4 load shedding yesterday, Eskom’s board has launched an in-depth audit of the entire system to “ensure that every technical problem is understood at a granular level and to avoid unexpected crises”, according to the power utility’s

board chairman, Jabu Mabuza.


Eskom-nothing good, just bad and ugly

He said in a statement that the initial plan was to implement stage 2 load shedding on Monday as a result of generation shortages over the weekend and constraints in diesel supply. “The escalation from stage 2 to stage 4 load shedding was caused by a further seven generating units that tripped within a period of five hours,” explained Mabuza. He said that by last night, four units had returned to service and it was expected that the remaining three would be back to service by today. “We will have a systems-and operations update within the next 24 hours,” said Mabuza.

In response to this independent energy adviser Ted Blom said he believed there was “more bad news to come”, highlighting that “if you’re running as close to the edge as Eskom is, you’re bound to fall off”. According to Blom the major factor driving the need for load shedding – aside from the system failures experienced at six power stations yesterday – was a lack of sustainable coal supply. “Until that is sorted out over the next five years or so, there will be ongoing power cuts,” Blom warned.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

Meanwhile, president Cyril Ramaphosa – speaking last night from Addis Ababa where he is attending the 32nd African Union summit – expressed his “shock” and “anger” at the implementation of load shedding just days after he announced a turnaround plan for the parastatal. He said energy was an “important generator of economic growth” in South Africa and gave assurances that government was addressing Eskom’s “dysfunctionality”.

This article courtesy of FTW Online.

Musina Squash

A number of intrepid squash players gathered at the Zenzele Gym courts this morning for a tournament. Seven players signed up. Below are some images. Click on them, to enlarge.

Some played excellent squash, some, not so much. Here are two short clips;

The two semis were played between Chris and JW Moos and between Simon and Phelo. Chris and Simon prevailed. Phelo beat JW in the playoff, to take third spot and Simon beat Chris, to take the trophy.

Congratulations to all who turned out, Terblanche, I hope your back gets better soon, sorry no-one had a photo with you in it and thanks to JW for arranging the tournament.